We are makers. Of products and experiences.

Outlin'd was developed with the idea of showcasing Indian architecture through functional products. At Outlin'd, we celebrate the intricacy of Indian design without the colour and the glitter. We cater to a market of people who believe in thoughtful acquisitions and meaningful products.

Our products are designed to last.

In the last 4 years, we have perfected a method of engraving our designs on cork - to create richly textured, deep line work which wouldn't fade away for generations to come. None of our illustrations are printed onto cork, making it nearly impossible to wash, wipe or scrub these away.

Of cork, sustainability, and zero wastage.

Cork as a material is far more sustainable than wood - It is sourced from the renewable, outer bark of the tree and doesn't require as much environmental interference. While the whole process is much more expensive than extracting wood, it is worth the life of a full grown tree.

Since the inception of Outlin'd, we've been a zero wastage company. We recycle excess or unwanted cork, and package our pieces into re-usable boxes.